Guys... I think I'm sick. TWO blog posts in a month... whatttt! 

Rachel and Josh came all the way from California to get married in Rachel's hometown. I think they picked the perfect venue to show all their out of town guests what Kansas City is all about, The Boulevard Brewery Event Space! Beer and BBQ... spot on if you ask me.  The rain held out for their beautiful ceremony and the backdrop couldn't have been more gorgeous. 

Their entire wedding was thoughtfully planned out. From the venue,the food, the handmade skirt her sister made, the cake their nephew helped with, his sister singing as they walked down the aisle and writing their own vows. I could tell that they were very much in love, loved by all there and everybody knew how to have a good time!

I hope all the out of town guests enjoyed their time in Kansas City, and maybe can spread the word that there's more than just cows here! ;)

Here are a few of my favorite photos!

Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your special day!


My First Blogged Wedding

My heart and my watch need to learn to work together. I want to post every wedding I've ever shot, but time really likes to challenge me. All excuses aside, I present to you... A wedding! 

Leah and Zach came to me a little frazzled as their first photographer had to back out. I truly feel like the luckiest person that I got to help out! I spoke with them a couple of times before the wedding, and I could tell a couple of things;

1. THEY ARE SO NICE! I love nice people.
2. They are very much in love.

I was very right.

Photographing a couple that is nice and in love... so easy. And I think it portrays well in my photos. SO instead of me gushing on how much I enjoyed my time with them, I present to you... Leah and Zach!



Whew. I probably should learn to pick less photos, but sometimes I can't help it! Thank you so much Zach and Leah for letting me capture your special day. It was an absolute honor. 

Until next time!