The big question?! 

What to expect


As a recent bride, I am totally aware of ALL. OF. THE. CHOICES. And I honestly thought it would be easier for me, as I photograph weddings all the time. But, no. It wasn't. Twenty options for literally everything. It can be a lot to handle. That's why I have made it my goal to make my clients life go as smoothly as possible. I pretty much put you on my B.F.F. list for life. Are you not sure that B.F.F. status is what you want? Totally understand. But if it is, YAY!

Just know, I'm here to make sure you have FUN! This is your wedding day, stressing isn't allowed! I will be your person to pull the dress down, hold your vail, make sure the timeline stays together, running through the crowd yelling "GRANDMA! GRANDMA! TIME FOR A PICTURE!" and anything else that ensures you're having the best day ever! You can count on me from the moment you start planning to the very end when I deliver your images .(fingers crossed that we can be B.F.F.s even after that!)

Wedding collections begin at $1800. Click here to contact me now!



Portrait sessions have such a special place in my heart. Much like wedding days, you're documenting important memories for the years to come. I like to think about twenty years from now, these photos become so much more.  When little fingers and toes have grown into little messy hands and quick feet, all the way until they're leaving go be on their own. Those images can take you back to such a wonderful time in life. Seriously gives me goosebumps thinking about it! 

After my grandparents passed, their photographs became liquid gold to me. Photographs really are forever, and I think every important moment should be documented! Also! Printing your photos.. please make time to print! I let my clients print on their own, but if you would like for me to help with that, just ask! I'd love to make sure these moments are ready for the future. <3

Portrait sessions begin at $250. Click here to contact me now! 


All of the questions:


How much does it all cost??

My wedding collections begin at $1,800. My packages are customized to fit your perfect day. All packages include a wedding consultation (let me help you figure out where the heck to start!), a 90 minute engagement session (where the magic begins!... at least for us!) and me as your photographer (hehe)!  Head to my contact page to get this party started!

What if I want pictures of something other than a wedding?!

I would LOVE to photograph you as well! My portrait sessions begin at $250. This includes family, kiddos, seniors, maternity, pets and newborn. Don't see what you're hoping for, go ahead and send me a message, and we'll figure it out. 

how long does it take to get my images back?

For portrait sessions, I will have your images to you by two weeks! Weddings can take up to six weeks. If possible, I will have them to you ASAP!

what do i do with my hands?

Nervous that you may not be a natural in front of the camera? That's totally okay! I am here to help. I will "lightly" pose you and play fun little games to bring your true model self out. By the end of it, you'll realize you didn't think about your hands at all. ;)

can I bring my pet (insert name here) to our session?

YES! PLEASE! Dogs, cats, turtles, possums, guinea pigs, snakes (eek), etc are ALL accepted. These photos are meant to represent you! If Polly the possum is a big part of your life, she deserves a few photos of her own! ;) More the merrier. 

Can I print on my own? Can you print for me? Can I get a book of my images?

Yes, yes and yes! All my packages include a print release (and I'd be happy to suggest some websites to print your lovely images!). If you'd like me to print them for you, I can do that as well! I will give you a quote after a few questions. I can also make you a lovely flush mount album featuring your images! Just promise me you'll print your images! It's so important!!

can I share the images on social media?

Please do! If you could just put my name at the bottom of whatever site you're using, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm @whitneykinnison on insta! 

Okay, you talked me into it! I'm ready to book, what do I do?

YAYAYAYAYAYA! I love love love what I do, and literally my day is made each time somebody reaches out to me. Just go right here for weddings and here for everything else! 

*More questions?? Totally cool, just fill out the contact form and I will answer them all for you there. Can't wait to chat!