My First Blogged Wedding

My heart and my watch need to learn to work together. I want to post every wedding I've ever shot, but time really likes to challenge me. All excuses aside, I present to you... A wedding! 

Leah and Zach came to me a little frazzled as their first photographer had to back out. I truly feel like the luckiest person that I got to help out! I spoke with them a couple of times before the wedding, and I could tell a couple of things;

1. THEY ARE SO NICE! I love nice people.
2. They are very much in love.

I was very right.

Photographing a couple that is nice and in love... so easy. And I think it portrays well in my photos. SO instead of me gushing on how much I enjoyed my time with them, I present to you... Leah and Zach!



Whew. I probably should learn to pick less photos, but sometimes I can't help it! Thank you so much Zach and Leah for letting me capture your special day. It was an absolute honor. 

Until next time!