PP- Get Yo Mind Out of the Gutter, It's a Personal Post!

I've been arguing with myself for like 5 minutes if I leave this blog to showcase recent work. But it's my website, that just states my name. Yes, I use it to generate new business, but that new business is hiring me, Whitney Kinnison. So, maybe they know I'm a human and have thoughts past photography. But don't be surprised if these thoughts have a few pictures with them. 

It's fall time if you didn't know (if you didn't, please look outside. And go frolic in the leaves... how dare you!). Fall time in photography world means -- Bizniz is about to get reallll nuts. So crazy, that since September 10th, I have not had a day off. I work a full time job and have the most amazing boss that's aware of my passion, and lets me have a flexible schedule to get all my photos in. But after that full time job, I'm meeting up with clients after work, before work, on the weekends to get some pretty photos of them done. Not to mention my 7 weeks straight of weddings. Hopefully this doesn't come off as complaining. Though overwhelming, I'd be crazy if I don't feel very flattered that my schedule is this jammed packed.

When my life is literally every hour awake is doing something, things are going to slide. I can't do everything perfect. Washing my hair has definitely been neglected. Having a semi-clean house has not existed since I can remember. Running was the first to go, haha. But the one that tugs at my soul and is the result of this post. My eating habits are off the wall.

Things you must know. I am ALWAYS thinking of my next meal. I've envied the girls that can eat a yogurt for lunch and be good. Um.... that's literally going to satisfy me for the 3 minutes from the sugar high until I crash and want more. This girl needs volume. Though I believe my "thunder thighs" as I was once called were mostly genetic, my hunger keeps them thriving. So, instead of wasting many more years feeling bad about myself, I learned to deal with it. Dealing with it is actually a lot easier. So, I cook. I cook foods that taste freaking delicious and I don't feel guilty because I know exactly what I put in there. I still may consume more calories than a yogurt, but I guarantee what I'm having provides way more nutrients. 

Number one issue I think most face when they come to these decisions. Time. Cooking takes time. I love the way I feel when I cook, so it's a non issue for me. But as of September 10th (lets be honest, that's my birthday week, I was treating myself to all the goods... soooo Labor Day weekend)  I have had barely anytime to cook. I've snuck in a couple meals and crock pot stuff, but other than that, food has been BADDDDDD. I've refused to weigh myself because that's just asking for a mental self-bullying session. Regardless, my body is speaking loud and clear, it's not feeling good. 

So other than my personal space of venting, I am looking for a creative outlet to get my food loving self back on track. October 31st is the Monday after my streak of weddings and though I still have other stuff booked, I will feel a little weight off my shoulders. So, I'm going to do what I always do when I feel this way. Do a Whole30...maybe. I've given myself the choice to end my Whole30 before the 30 days if I feel better. I've done Whole30 multiple times (started in 2011, life changing experience) and know when my body is feeling back on track. So shall we name it Whole-until the body is feeling good again. Who knows, maybe it will be Whole50. After the last couple months, I wouldn't be surprised.

But to keep it fun, I want to photograph some of my food. I will also link the recipes because let's be honest... I like to eat, I'm not a chef. 99.5% of my recipes come from some genius that deserves ALL DA CREDIT! I do love sharing. My snapchat friends say they like it but I have a feeling they're feeding me lies.

Whole30 keeps things pretty "confined". I have seen plenty of fancy meals made within the guidelines, but I don't have time for that. I also often eat on one dish for multiple days, so don't be expecting a new meal every day. And they're not always going to get you running in the kitchen. But experiencing your body at it's full potential, the Whole30 will have you coming back. 

This was too long. Sadly, I could continue. But I don't think any potential readers would make it thus far, so I will probably just copy and paste for future posts. Alrighty, until next time!